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Fire Fighting & Evacuation

Fire Fighting

    This OHASA - compliant and SAQA - aligned One-Day Training is specially designed for the Corporate Market. Learners are encouraged to possibly prevent and to react where an Emergency has occurred.
    Thorough Practical Exercises will familiarise Learners with various types of Fire Equipment, Evacuation Procedures and Circumstances encountered when having to fight a Fire.
    This very Powerful Training is conducted by experienced Fire Fighters with intense practical Experience.

Evacuation Warden / Fire Marshall

    This OHASA - compliant and SAQA - aligned One-Day Training is designed to create, assess and strengthen the Structure of available Safety Teams within an Organisation. Learners are made aware of their Responsibilities, and are prepared to prevent and react in the Case of a Fire, to guide and lead all Safety Personnel and to ensure the Safety of all Employees.
    Evacuation Plans and Procedures are drawn up and their Effectiveness within the Organisation are assessed by the Learners.

    Both Courses may be conducted at Your premises or at ours. Public Classes for Individuals are available on a regular basis. Group-Discounts are granted. Successful Learners receive a Certificate and a very detailed Handbook.